Always arrived on time (if not early). Every single day they cleaned up completely (including vacuuming with their own vacuum) before they left. Never brought food or beverages inside although I wouldn't have minded. Extremely good work and I felt comfortable enough to leave them here alone. That says a lot after other experiences I've had.
They gave quick responses, were very professional, did good work, and I would recommend.
The work was near perfect. I had two unaffiliated tradesman to spray the drywall and paint. Both tradesman stated it was one of the better jobs they have seen.
Dean Bille Carpentry I highly recommend. He had the fairest prices of anyone i spoke with regarding the job; he was always on time and was extremely professional. I was completely satisfied.
We had a very good experience with Dean and his assistant, Chris. They were on time each day and finished the entire job in the three days anticipated. These fellows were both very polite, low-key and respectful of the property and the family. They were quiet and did their job with a minimum of invasiveness.